Born to craft unique wearable art

Artist Melina Bernhardt has been exploring creative possibilities in textile: weaving, felting, knitting, sewing,… jewelry making and leatherwork for nearly a decade. Each of these mediums have become integral parts in fulfilling her passion for creating new clothing designs, and accessories. She especially thrives off finding new ways to combine all of these various means of expression to create one of a kind accessories and wearable art.
Working at Lambspun of Colorado for almost 15 years has taught her most everything she knows relating to Fiber Arts.
Bernhardt hails from France and Germany and brings a European sensibility to her creations that distinguish themselves through a modern aesthetic and a bold approach to color. She prefers to use natural fibers such as alpaca, silk, organic cotton, angora, bamboo, and many others. She reserves synthetic fibers for sparkle or texture purposes.

Some of her most influential fellow artists are Laura Macagno-Shang, Sandy Dunn and Donna Bathory, just to name a few.

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