Single Long Bohemian Dangle Earring Hippie Genuine Leather Pheasant Feather Boho Earring Moroccan Gold on Black Printed Leather


Long SINGLE Earring "Bird of a Feather" Black, Gold and Pheasant Feather

- genuine Moroccan black with gold printed leather
- genuine brown leather
- sterling silver earwire and barrel
- Pheasant feather

This single earring is part of a series of asymmetrical earrings that are fun, original and wild.
My friend and her husband hunted some Pheasants and gave me a Pheasant pelt that I have been plucking for its beautiful iridescent feathers.
I love animals and support people who respect them and don't abuse or mistreat them.
I am not a vegetarian but if you are this will most likely not be interesting to you.
When I eat meat or use animal products I make sure they had a good life and were treated well. I also thank them greatly for their gift of being food for my family and I or products I can use for my crafts.

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